Oscillant Unit



Oscillant Unit is specially designed for plating large volume of tiny, 
light-weight, easily deformed parts where the traditional barrel plating will damage the parts very easily.
The system consists of a vibrating generator and a basket. Instead of rotating around the horizontal axis, the Oscillant Unit vibrates and makes the parts inside the basket rotating around the vertical axis. This rotating movement allows the parts in touch with the surrounding plating solution constantly. The whole unit can be transferred from one tank to
another by hoist transport manually or automatically.


  1. No deformation of parts
  2. Increase the deposition rate
  3. The current distribution is more uniform within the basket
  4. All the parts inside the basket are under the plating current continuously. (good thickness distribution)
  5. Productivity is higher than that of the convention barrel line since the plating efficiency is higher.
  6. Suitable for small items such as SMD components and for precious metal plating.

We can provide different types of barrels which is fit to customer design. Typical mesh is used to reduce surface tension and enhance solution circulation into the barrel. For further information, please contact us.

Oscillator Auto Process Unit

Oscillator with Carrier
Oscillator Main Control Centre