Sun Wing Technology was founded since year 1987. We always strive to provide top quality products and service. We supply various quality electroplating products, including Plating Solution, Nano-Ceramic E-Coating, Electroplating Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Chemical Reagents, Anodes (e.g. Platinised Titanium Anode, Platinised Clad Niobium Anode, Iridium Ruthenium Titanium Anode, Stainless Steel Anode, Carbon Anode), Plating resist, Heater, etc. We also provide Electroplating Service.

Our professional technical consultant has 35-year electroplating experience with over 20 years in the electroplating operation at a famous Hong Kong electroplating factory. Our consultant had been invited by Hong Kong Productivity Council to be the lecturer for the electroplating course, thus having strong expertise in both practical and theoretical aspects in the electroplating field. Therefore, we are capable to tailor-make the electroplating system based on the customer need and give instruction on the electroplating techniques. We are the strong back up for jewellery manufacturers and electroplating factories.

We have a lot of hot products particularly in precious metal plating. We have researched and imported lots of unique plating solution from Europe, like
Chocolate Gold, Super Black Ruthenium, Green Gold plating solution, etc. We also have Nano-Ceramic E-Coating which provides best protection against tarnishing. Apart from transparent e-coating, various colours are also available. The best selling product is still our Reynolds Rhodium Plating Solution imported from Europe. The whiteness is better than lots of market available brands. More importantly, the price is very competitive, thus a lot of customers are switched to us. 

Many jewellery manufacturers have experienced problems in Rhodium plating, like the whiteness problem, bath instability, etc. We are oftern able to tackle it with our instruction and switching to our Reynolds Rhodium Plating Solution, thus having good appreication from our customers. If you face technical problems in electroplating, you are welcome to contact us. We will strive to provide technical support and offer resolution proposals.