Sun Wing Technology was founded since year 1987. We always strive to provide top quality products and service. We supply various quality electroplating products, including Plating Solution, Nano-Ceramic E-Coating, Electroplating Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Chemical Reagents, Anodes (e.g. Platinised Titanium Anode, Platinised Clad Niobium Anode, Iridium Ruthenium Titanium Anode, Stainless Steel Anode, Carbon Anode), Plating resist, Heater, etc. We also provide Electroplating Service.

Our professional technical consultant has 35-year electroplating experience with over 20 years in the electroplating operation at a famous Hong Kong electroplating factory. Our consultant had been invited by Hong Kong Productivity Council to be the lecturer for the electroplating course, thus having strong expertise in both practical and theoretical aspects in the electroplating field. Therefore, we are capable to tailor-make the electroplating system based on the customer need and give instruction on the electroplating techniques. We are the strong back up for jewellery manufacturers and electroplating factories.

We have a lot of hot products particularly in precious metal plating. We have researched and imported lots of unique plating solution from Europe, like
Chocolate Gold, Super Black Ruthenium, Green Gold plating solution, etc. We also have Nano-Ceramic E-Coating which provides best protection against tarnishing. Apart from transparent e-coating, various colours are also available. The best selling product is still our Reynolds Rhodium Plating Solution imported from Europe. The whiteness is better than lots of market available brands. More importantly, the price is very competitive, thus a lot of customers are switched to us. 

Many jewellery manufacturers have experienced problems in Rhodium plating, like the whiteness problem, bath instability, etc. We are oftern able to tackle it with our instruction and switching to our Reynolds Rhodium Plating Solution, thus having good appreication from our customers. If you face technical problems in electroplating, you are welcome to contact us. We will strive to provide technical support and offer resolution proposals.

Different kinds of electroplating available such as 16K, 18K & 23K Micron Gold; Swiss Color Standard including 1N, 2N, 3N, Rose gold; Micron Palladium, PNP, Silver; Black Ruthenium, Rhodium, Gun Color, Titanium Color; Antique Red, White & Green Copper, Antique Silver, CSP, Full Color and Transparent Elecoat, etc.

I. Reynolds Metal Plating Solution:
Metal Plating Solution is of paramount importance on electroplating quality. We always strive to provide the best and stable metal plating solution over 20 years, thus, having very good support and trust from our valued customer. Reynolds is the main product brand of our company. Reynolds Metal Plating Solution is required to pass through a number of stringent quality tests. Therefore, it can raise the electroplating production quality.

Reynolds Precious Metal Plating Solution

1. Nickel-Free Acid Gold
2. Alkaline and Acidic Gold Strike
3. Stainless Steel Gold strike
4. Decorative Gold: 1N-14, 2N-18, 3N, Hamilton
5. Neutral and Alkaline Pink Gold and Green Gold
6. Au-Co High Speed Gold and Japanese Gold
7. Pure Gold Electroforming
8. Pd 70 Pd 50 Alloy Plating  
9 . Pd 3000 Alloy Plating (Pass Ni-free Test)
10 . Palladium Cobalt Plating
11. Thick Palladium Plating (reach 5 microns)
12. Rhodium Plating
13. Platinum Plating
14. Silver Brightener
15. Pure Silver Electroforming
16. Black Ruthenium Plating
17. Nickel Solution, Indium Solution, Cobalt Solution
18. Black Rhodium Plating
19. Brown Gold (Chocolate Gold)
20. Palladium Indium Plating
21. Anti-tarnishing agent for Silver and Gold
(for protection of silver jewelery, PCB, rose gold, etc)
22. Black Ruthenium Pen Plating
23. Black Rhodium Pen Plating
24. Rhodium Pen Plating
25. Gold Pen Plating (24K Gold, Rose Gold & Green Gold)

Reynolds Hardware Plating Make Up and Replenisher Material

1. Alkaline Copper Plating
2. AC100 Acidic Bright Copper Plating
3. Pyrophosphate Copper Plating
4. Cyanide-Free Alkaline Copper Plating
5. NI-30 Bright Nickel Plating
6. CR40 Chrome Plating
7. Tin-Cobalt Plating
8. Brass (Imitation Gold) Plating
9. Black Nickel Plating
10. Black Chrome Plating
11. Alkaline Cyanide-Free Zinc Plating
12. Ti-Colour Plating
13. Lead Free White Bronze Plating
14. Gun Colour Plating
15. WB500 Cyanide-Free, Lead-Free White Bronze Plating (New Revolutionary Product!)
16. Cyanide-Free Yellow Bronze Plating (New Product!)

II. Electroplating Equipment

Sun Wing has immense experience in electroplating production line. We are capable to design and build the electroplating production line to suit the customer need. We have various types of electroplating equipment. Some typical types are listed as follows:

1. Full Automatic Vertical Plating Line
2. Full Automatic Hardware Plating Line
3. Full Automatic Barrel Plating Line
4. Full Automatic Chemical Plating Line
5. Fishing-Type Plating Line
6. Precious Metal Plating Line
7. Semi-Automatic Barrel Plating Line
8. Wire Continuous Plating Line
9. Computer Socket Connector U-shaped Plating Line
10. Reel-to-Reel Continuous Plating Line
11. Industrial Cold Water Machine
12. Ultra-Pure Water Production Equipment
13. Rectifier
14. Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
15. Drying Equipment
16. Air and Waste Water Treatment System
17. Filter Pump Module
18. Oscillant Unit (Specially designed for plating large volume of tiny, light-weight, easily deformed parts) 


III. Laboratory Equipment

1. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
2. Hollow Cathode Lamp (For AA Spectroscopy)
3. X-Ray spectrometer
4. pH-MV Meter and pH paper
5. pH Electrode
6. Various Hull Cell and Heater, Hull Cell Anode
7. Stirrer and Electric Furnace
8. Laboratory Equipment For Titration

IV. Vacuum Plating Equipment

1. Ion Plating Machine
2. Optical Ion Plating Equipment
3. Multi-Arc Ion Plating Equipment
4. Magnetron Sputtering Coater
V. Chemical Reagent

1. Chemical Reagent for Titration
2. pH Buffer Solution
3. Various Chemical Reagents
4. AA Standard Solution for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

VI.Plating Resist

VII. Anode

1. Platinised Titanium Anode (Pt/Ti Anode)
2. Platinised Clad Niobium Anode (Pt/Nb Anode)
3. Iridium Ruthanium Titanium Anode (Ir. Rn/Ti Anode)
4. Stainless Steel Anode
5. Carbon Anode
6. Titanium Basket and Titanium Basket Bag
7. Iridium Tantalum Titanium Anode

VIII. Heater

IX. Microsection and Polishing Material

X. Other product (Not exhaustive):

1. Selective Ionic Resin (Ion Exchange Resin 400)
2. Contaminate Remover for gold bath and rhodium bath
3. Gold Stripper
4. Nickel Test Solution (A+B)
5. Perspiration Test Solution (Comply with ISO3160)
6. Soak Cleaner
7. Electrocleaner
8. Dry Acid Salt for deoxidizing and/or activating metal surfaces prior to plating
9. Conductive Bronze and Silver Powder10. Stripper for Copper, Nickel and Chromium Deposit
10. Stripper for Copper, Nickel and Chromium Deposit
11. Nano-Ceramic E-Coating